Intra-company Transferee

This program allows international companies to temporarily transfer qualified employees to Canada for the purpose of establishing startups, improving management effectiveness, expanding Canadian exports, and enhancing competitiveness in overseas markets.

Are you a senior manager, executive or knowledge expert with skills that are needed by your Canadian branch, subsidiary or affiliate organization

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Intracompany transferees

A pathway for business managers, skilled experts to move to Canada on work permits with LMIA exemption.

Canada’s International mobility program allows individuals employed by a multi-national company to seek entry to work in a parent, a subsidiary, a branch, or an affiliate of that enterprise. Under this program, the individuals do not need a labour market impact assessment in order to get a work permit. This applies to individuals who are starting a branch of affiliate, or bringing in specialized knowledge for the Canadian business. 

Requirements for the Canadian company

  1. Must be ready to have a physical presence in Canada
  2. Must have realistic plans to staff the new operation
  3. Must have the financial ability to commence business in Canada and compensate employees.
  4. For the transferring executives or managers, the company must
    demonstrate that it will be large enough to support executive or management function

Work Permits

Work permits are issued for 1 year
Extension is possible if:
a. Canadian and foreign companies still have a qualifying relationship
b. New office has engaged in the continuous provision of goods or services for the past year
c. New office has been staffed


Parent Company overseas 1. Confirmation that the foreign national is currently employed by a multi-national enterprise outside Canada, and seeking entry to work in a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of that enterprise in Canada;

2. Confirmation that the foreign national has been employed (via payroll or by contract) continuously (full-time, not accumulated part-time) by the enterprise outside Canada, for at least 1 year in 3 years. 

3. Applicant’s position in an executive or managerial capacity (i.e. position, title, place in the organization, job description)
Canadian Branch, subsidiary of affiliate 1. ​Outline of the position in Canada (namely, position, title, place in the organization, job description)

2. Duration of Stay

3. Description and proof of the relationship between the enterprise in Canada and the enterprise in the foreign country

How Roxen Immigration Consulting makes this easy for you:

Business Consulting Business plans, forecasting and all corporate documents needed for the startup firm. 
Document and Case Management Our case management experience prepares your case to establish that you have the necessary skills and expertise to run the business in Canada. Your parent company overseas and the company in Canada need to have a qualifying relationship and how you will be supporting this mission and business from your executive, managerial or specialized knowledge.
Submission We will prepare all the documents and submit them on your behalf. 

Next Steps

  1. Send you resume, business idea, mission, expansion goals etc to
  2. Our team will review your profile and advice you next steps on how to proceed. 
  3. Once we sign the retainer agreement, we will proceed to gather all documents. 
  4. Our partnering experts will help in business plans,  busines​s setup and incorporations etc.
  5. We will manage client's work permit application once all these requirements are completed. .

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